Three Legs Charity supports anyone and everyone in need

10% of our profits are given out to those in need

We only established in the summer of 2023, but have already helped:

A single mum who had kids bicycles stolen, we purchased her 11-year old son, and 6-year old daughter new bikes.

Local animal farm by buying items off their Amazon Wishlist.

Local vet, where previous owner dumped dog, and dog needed operation and medicaments to survive.

Paid for train ticket, smart clothing and shoes for a gentleman who had a job interview, but nothing smart to wear.

T&C – 10% of the profits at the end of the financial year will be donated in the form of items, covering bills, buying food, supplies needed for life, helping with education and whatever else is needed to progress in life. We support hard working, trying and dedicated people in life. We may ask to visit your living location, and meet you in person before donations. We do not support drug use. As much as we would love to help everyone in need, we also have a limited budget. Cases will be randomly chosen, based on the order email has been received, based on the story and circumstances of the story, based on the support they are eligible for or already getting from the government. Thank you for the understanding.