Home Use IN-PEN full package for your concern

£51.00 / month and a £99.00 sign-up fee

Full package at home to tackle:
– Hair thinning
– Receeding Hair Line
– Pigmentation
– Ageing Skin


IN-PEN is a collagen boosting home use microneedling device. However, we are not just leaving you to get on with it and figure out on your own.
We offer it as a supported service for you to use at home, that comes with everything you will need to perform it in your own time, in your own comfort.


     What is IN-PEN?

IN-PEN  is a microneedling device that has been developed to be as simple as possible and most importantly STERILE for you
to use at home, in your own time. This package comes with everything you need to do it yourself, including
video consultation, with an actual human on the other side of your phone
who will ensure all your questions have been answered and you are left comfortable using it.
And if you still feel unsure, you will have our support just a Whatsapp Messages away, where you can ask us any questions for the
duration of your subscription for 12-months (60-weeks)

What’s the difference IN-PEN or dermaroller?

Dermaroller – sounds the same? Both push tiny sharps into your skin, reproducing collagen. Indeed! However, every time you use dermaroller, tiny dead skin cells are lefts on the rolls, and then you place it into your bedside cabinet draw where it collects dust, and then you push it back into your skin with dead skin cells from the last use, and now dust on top, and bluntness from the last use. So, actually, it loses it’s effect after just one use.  Even worse, if you decide to use cream or serum with it, that it not meant for the penetration into your deeper layers of skin. Best case scenario, you won’t break out, worse case scenario you get an infection from a cream that shouldn’t sit under your dermis layer, and breakout/infection from dirty blunt roller causing damage, and of course no promised outcome.
Good news, there is IN-PEN…
IN-PEN comes with sterile, individually packaged IN-pins, which you have 30x of, a new one for every new treatment. As sterile, clean and efficient as it gets.
As well as, 30x active ingredient serums, that are SAFE to go into deeper layer of your skin, and treat your skin concern from within, providing you with an actual result.

And let’s be honest, I am sure you have tried out dermaroller at least once. Did you see a result?

One PEN and so many wonders?

Indeed, IN-PEN is microneedling device, which boost collagen and cell reproduction
without any additions. You can google and see yourself why is microneedling is good, if you don’t believe us.
We have just made this accessible for you, cutting out the middle man (expensive clinics)  and you can do it yourself at home.
But the main success comes from the IN-SERUMS – 
they are active ingredient which means they actually work on a cellular level,  safe to sit under your skin,
and most importantly, IN-SERUM tackles your concern!

You have a hair growth concern – Minoxidil which acts for the hair growth boosting.
You have ageing pigmentation issue – we post out IN-SERUM with Vitamin C.
You are concerns about ageing – we post out IN-SERUMs with Salmon DNA which speeds up cell reproduction.
You suffer from psoriasis,  dandruff, dry skin, dehydration – we will also add Hyaluronic Acid in there.
But you don’t need to worry about this, we will do all the thinking for you, put together a plan, and post it out to you with your order.

60-week plan? Not sure I can commit to it. Can’t it be shorter?

You only need to do the treatment on yourself once every other week. (Twice per month). Whole process from start to finish will take you no longer than 15-minutes.
Not that time consuming.
Cell reproduction takes 4-8 weeks. Meaning you will only start seeing minimal results a couple of months into regular ! treatment course.
Hair only grows 0.4 – 1cm per month. Meaning it will take at least 12 weeks to notice a minimal result. However, at the end of the 60x weeks results will be noticeable visible, and you will be grateful you didn’t message us ‘Can;t see much difference’.  🙂
Skin cell regrowth and hair follicle restoration is a process.

Realistic expectations
We would be grateful if you could acknowledge that your hair line will not be as thick as ‘Turkey Hair’ implanted hair. Nor your face will look like Katie Price’s latest face lift surgery.
This is natural cell reproduction. It takes time, and results are not surgery like results. But result are visible. We strongly recommend to take before the process photos in a good day light, to monitor skin clearing, and hair growth.

IN-PEN by IN-dependentSKIN  is complete package, includes:

  • 3x personalised consultations with a skilled skin/ hair consultant, featuring in-depth assessments and a tailored skin or hair treatment plan.
  • 1x electrical IN-Pen, designed to address concerns such as anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and hair growth.
  • 30x active ingredients serums.
  • 30x sterile nozzles, one for each use.
  • Dedicated helpline and support for 60 weeks.

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